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Modern Factory Facilities

The state-of-the art processing facility of Aswin Associates is ideally located in Cochin. Proximity  to Cochin Fisheries Harbour, the main harbour centre in the State of Kerala, and Cochin Port assures prompt and safe transportation of both raw material and finished products. Closely located institutions like CIFT, MPEDA, EIA etc. provide the much needed technical, scientific and marketing support. The processing unit is approved by the European Union (EU Approval No.738).

Our Plant is equipped with state of the art processing and freezing facilities. Apart from the facilities listed below we have skilled personnel handling the raw materials at every stage, Chiller units to maintain the raw materials freshness and Adequate power backup facility.


Our factory is EU, USFDA, Russian Federation approved and HACCP compliant and can process 40 Tons raw material a day.


Cooking Blanching and IQF freezer of capacity 10 Tons per day.


Air Blast Freezers with a combined freezing capacity of 20 Tons per day.


Contact Plate Freezer with a freezing capacity of 20 Tons per day.


1000 Ton Cold Store facility maintained at -20 Celcius.

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